Shariah advisory

Experienced shariah advisory services for multiple sectors including Islamic banking, capital markets, investment funds, wealth management and takaful.

Product structuring and development

End-to-end Shariah compliant structuring and product development for multiple sectors including banking, capital markets, investment funds, takaful and more.


In-house or online, customised and informative training and development for staff and investors in Islamic banking, finance, capital markets, economics, Takaful and many more sectors.

Shariah Certification & Audit

Complete Shariah review and Shariah certification with annual Shariah audits.

Islamic Fintech

Experienced Shariah advisory for digital banking, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, insuretech, remittances, smart finance management, robo-advisory setups and more.

About Amanah Advisors

Amanah Advisors - a global Shariah advisory firm - provides a wholesome and end-to-end Shariah advisory service for corporates, organisations, businesses, investors and asset managers. Our experienced Shariah consultancy covers various sectors such as Islamic Finance, Islamic banking, Islamic Economics, Islamic Fintech, Takaful, Islamic Capital Markets, Investments, Zakat, Wills and estate planning.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Mufti Faraz Adam is a rising star among the next generation of multi- disciplinary Islamic scholars and finance professionals with a wholesome understanding of the socio-economic needs of humanity and the most sustainable, inclusive and diverse solutions that be applied, keeping a close alignment between the letter and spirit of the Islamic principles, in an ever-changing landscape, given the challenges of the new forms of industrial revolutions.

    I wish Mufti Faraz the best in all his efforts and work and long may it continue.

    Sheikh Bilal Khan MBA
    Chief Islamic Finance Officer at the Astana International Financial Centre.
  • Five Pillars Pte Ltd have engaged the services of Amanah Advisors and in particular Mufti Faraz Adam. We are both very satisfied impressed with his knowledge work ethics and professionalism. Mufti Faraz is one to look out for in the Islamic Finance sphere and is a rising star. We are very pleased to engage him on various projects.

    Raj Mohamad
    Five Pillars Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • Islamic finance is among the fastest growing chapters of the global economy in the contemporary era with innovative culture and appreciation. Dynamism of and achievement in Islamic finance had been significantly contributed mainly by the wisdom and continuous efforts of Shari’ah scholars. Mufti Faraz Adam is among the growing Shari’ah scholars who have been observed in devoting themselves towards innovation of Islamic financial products and services in meeting the demand of academia, researchers and industrialists to create a promising result in the Islamic financial journey ahead.

    Dr Ma'sum Billah
  • Just a quick note from the team at Blockchainology. As the leading Islamic scholar in the blockchain space, we have been privileged to work with Mufti Faraz Adam on several blockchain related projects in the past few months. He has great knowledge in Islamic sciences and blockchain technology which has allowed us to incorporate a shariah review service for blockchain projects within our business (Blockchainology). He has met all of our deadlines, is extremely diligent and very professional. We hope to continue a long term partnership in the blockchain space.

    Fraz Mahmud & Ashik
  • Mufti Faraz has been instrumental in advising us and auditing our work to ensure Shariah compliance in all aspects of the advice and services we provide. His knowledge and expertise is second to none and I have no hesitation in recommending him. “

    Haroon Rashid
    I Will Solicitors
  • Mufti Faraz has been a great Asset to us in completing several investment deals where we needed guidance in sharia compliance.

    I would strongly recommended all investors and solicitors to seek his advice on Islamic sharia finance. It’s comforting to know that finally we have someone in the UK who understands and knows how to converge western and Islamic finance making things transparent and clear for all parties involved.

    Ayub Kayat
    Silks investments
  • Mufti Faraz was always responsible and highly qualified. Mufti Faraz is a delight to work with and I would be happy to continue our joint work.

    Maxat Salpyn